What To Do When My Mobile Phone Stops Working?

Mobile phones are sophisticated pieces of technology and have exceeded far beyond a simple tool for making calls or keeping in contact


Whilst the added layers of sophistication bring added benefits, the modern day smart phone can be both an expensive and sometimes unpredictable device.

Much like my own laptop, most pulsa elektronik can be enhanced by adding additional software programs, including games, applications and other income. Each of these can affect how the phone operates and will interact with other programs on the device. This can cause problems if one program does not respond properly to others that are running at the same time. If your cellular starts acting strangely the first thing to check is if a recently added programme is producing the issues and if you are not certain, uninstall or reverse any new changes.

Often a producer will start shipping a new model of mobile phone and continue to modify and improve the operating system that runs it. Periodically they will release a new version of this software, or firmware as it is known. Although many users will never go through the process of updating this firmware and will not miss the enhancements, if you are finding issues with your mobile phone not working as you would expect, making sure you have the latest firmware is a good starting point.

Many mobiles will allow you to update this straight from the handset (which may incur data download charges), whilst others require updating through a computer with an internet connection. It is always a good idea to fully charge your phone and backup your data before starting any update.

Dissimilar manufacturers also have different ways of resetting their handsets to a default status, amazing that can help you get your mobile working if something goes wrong when installing new software. The manual that came with the handset must provide details on how to go through this procedure.

Since cell phones are by their very nature carried around, sometimes with less care than is ideal, there is a tendency for damage to occur to them. For the technically minded it is possible to purchase replacement parts from the case and battery, right from side to side to the keypad or lcd screen. At the same time as changing some of these parts can require a degree of concentration, there are many “how to” guides and videos offered on the internet, covering a wide range of devices and problems.

If your phone suffers physical damage it is possible to assess the complexity of replacing various parts before expenses any money. Be warned that taking your phone apart will probably invalidate any warranty and you may therefore prefer to have it repaired through an authorised dealership.

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