What Type Of Mattress Should I buy?

What’s in a mattress? You will be surprised at the huge response to this demand


For the past few decades, many technologies have sprung mattresses into a whole  new era and introduced every type of mattress on the market giving us far more options.

But what should really choose? Let me give you an overview on the differences technology mattress today.

Spring mattress

This type of technology uses beds of spring. Today, you can choose from pocket sprung mattress beds coil spring and many others. The difference is how the springs are integrated into the mattress. Some have always springs and some have individually pocketed springs. The pocket spring mattresses are the best because the springs are deeper and spread out evenly across the entire mattress.This type of matress is for those who want a type of firm, medium, or soft bed. Just a tip when you buy this mattress – Make sure you try before you buy because every individual is different, ie. you may have a neighbour that has just told you that their new ‘extra firm orphopedic’ is fantastic – but you may find this too hard -hence money wasted.

Latex Mattress

This type of mattress is made from the liquid found in rubber tree. It was produced and turned into foam. Latex foams usually have 4 pounds or less density –  hence is slightly elastic and a biton the firm side. Compared with the memory foam mattress, this provides a balanced support to your top and lower back.

Since it is composed of natural rubber sap is hypoallergenic which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, this type of mattress is the most durable of the lot, giving a duration of up to 30 years.

Air mattress

Inflatable air bases provide comfort and convenience. Some are expensive and some are not. This technology requires the use of a pump device that can inflate and deflate the mattress. These primary air bases had better technology and structure. Some have also been integrated with technology that can accomodate the right number of the persons using it withought compromising confort and posture. Also – there are some brands that can inflate both sides of the bed to reach the right level of comfort for both partners.

Memory Foam Mattress

He is an excellent tip: DO NOT BUY A CHEAP ONE. Only choose a memory foam mattress with a high density ratio such as ‘Tempurpedic’. The Higher the density – the denser the material – hence – more support for your weight. A good quality foam mattress conforms precisely to your body and slowly adjusts its original shape when you move position just like the hand indentation you may have seen on a television advertismentwhere it recovers just after a few seconds.

Important: Look for the ILD rating on a mattress this will give you an indication as to how firm the ‘viscoelastic foam layer’ is. I would recommend that you buy one with at least a 4-6lb density visco foam and a 13-15 ILD rating.

What are you going to choose depends on what you have budget allocated for a new mattress and what the preferences of comfort. If you are after a health-friendly beds, latex foam or memory is are a good option if you buy a good quality one.  If you are after comfort, choose an air or memory foam mattress, but if you have a bad back – such as a bulging or slipped disc – then I would seriously look at quality orphopedic matresses as these support the spine more than any other mattress.

Before going to a mattress store – choose a store with a large variety of different types of matresses so that you can try them out, and even visit different stores if you have to. Don’t go for a cheap mattress as you will end up having to buy another one and this can be repeated over and over again. Save up for a really good quality mattress –  it will last you for many years as well as ensure a comfotable nights sleep.


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