Where Can I Buy Glow In The Dark Paints For All Types Of Surfaces?

At Acmelight we have the largest stock of ‘Glow in The dark’ paints for all purposes.

Our glow in the dark paints can be appled to a wide variety of surfaces and materials, even flowers!

You can create a unique design for  your apartment or home making it more contempary and trendy. Our paints can be used in hundreds of ways and here is just a few of every day items they can be applied to :

  • concrete
  • stones
  • films
  • plastics
  • metal

Have you ever thought about creating a space theme with a variety of constellations, stars and planets? This would be amazing for a child’s bedroom or for a romantic setting. Glow paint works by charging energy during daylight and artificial light, then transforming it into the glowing at night.

You can use glowing luminous stones or fluorescent candles for bigger impressions to your room. These often go unnoticed and are lost in a room setting so why not transform them into something that will look amazing in the evening. Much more attractive and unique than just a simple lamp.

If you need glow paint for your car – then you have come to the right place because we can help you decide on the colour you need.

We also provide glow paint for flower lovers.  Applying the paint to flowers will make a unique gift for a special occassion and a fantastic surprise to a loved one when presented at a candle-lit dinner. The paint also helps to preserve the flowers for longer and will be a long lasting memorable gift.


Our company produces an exclusive glowing paint especially for flowers.

We have recently introduced glow in the dark photo-paper. to our stock, and this is proving to be very popular as you can see your photo’s in dim light, such as your grandchildren or girlfriend and boyfriend. So now you can not only capture the people you adore and love during the day but see them before you close your eyes.

Photo-paper is fast becoming in demand. All printing, photo, studio, and advertising agencies are buying luminous photo paper in bulk  but we have made this accessible to individual customers that want to try this out for themselves.

We also provide glowing football and tennis balls so these can e used safely in dim lights. Acmelight provides these in large quantities to clubs, companies, and assciations etc.  we also produce glowing signs of safety systems to protect people from emergency situations, preventing injuries in the work place.

Products at Acmelight are well known for their quality and credibility in many countries all around the world and there is a wide market, which is interested in this sphere of business. 

Our products do not contain phosphor and other harmful additives. It is produced according to requirements of ergonomics and modern design.




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