Where Can I Buy High Quality Warming Blankets in the UK?

The ‘MedWarm Patient Warming System’, supplied by QEDScientific; leaders in their field for creating and supplying innovative medical supplies, consists of 2 warming blankets (in sections) plus a mattress, ensuring that all areas of a patients body is kept warm, preventing the onset of hypothermia and aiding recovery.

Buying clinically proven reliable warming blankets for your patients is crucial in keeping them in a normethermic state, i.e. normal body temperature 36 C (96.8 F) to 38 C (100.4 F) . Statistics conclude – the incidence of hypothermia is above average and occurs in 50 to 90 percent of patients.  As well as discomfort – even relatively mild hypothermia 35.5C (95.9F) to 35.9C  (96.62F) can pose adverse affects in patients, such as psychological trauma, and physical responses – consequently leading to slower recovery rates.


According to ‘SCIP’, Surgical Care Improvement Project; a partnership of healthcare organizations that set up a campaign in an effort to reduce surgical mortality and morbidity, states that “maintaining thermometric states in patients within 15 minutes of leaving the operating theatre is crucial in preventing infections”.

Medwarm uses technologically advanced materials, such as ‘highly flexible carbon fibre technology’ that was initially used by NASA, for warming space suits in developing their warming blankets. Severe hypothermia occurs when a patient’s  core body temperature falls below 35C (95F) and this can occur rapidly without maintaining a sufficient heat source.

 Hypothermia is preventable. The ‘MedWarm Patient Warming System’ is an all-in-one solution to effective warming blankets for patients.

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