Where Can I buy Kids Protective Visors?

Kidsafe Visor

The Kidsafe Face Visor was created as a direct response to increasing enquiries from parents and schools about where to source protective Visors specifically for children.

Ideal for use in: Hospitals, childcare sectors, educational settings, public transport, and general socialising out and about in the community.

With the Governments plans to ease the lockdown children may be returning to School which also means they are likely to be in and about the community more. Whilst children have been isolated during this COV-ID 19 pandemic PPE has not being a requirement, but as they are eased back in to socialisation over the coming months – the use of face protection will offer parents some peace of mind.

According to US physician and epidemiologist Michael Edmond, facial Visors offer more effective protection against infectious diseases than masks and should be worn by the public whenever they leave home. Not only are Visors more reusable and more comfortable, they are less restrictive and frightening for a child to wear. A child can still communicate with others freely and the Visor prevents them from touching their face and mouth with unclean hands.

The company behind the kidsafe Visors, 1st Packaging Ltd, has also developed Adult Protective Visors which are suitable for heallthcare sectors.

All their Visors are economically priced and in response to their support of the COV-ID-19 pandemic.

For orders and more information visit: https://staysafevisor.co.uk/

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