Where Can I Dine In An Underwater Restaurant?

A dazzling variety of seafood is on the menu in the Maldives


– especially if you dine  with the fishes in a stunning and intimate restaurant located underneath the ocean.

You can’t get away from the sea on the Maldives, a string of over 1,000 tropical islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s already a haven for divers and snorkellers, but perhaps the most stunning venue for getting up close to the fishes in comfort is Ithaa, a restaurant sited 5m (15ft) underwater with fishe’s eye view of the coral reef.

It was constructed by the Hilton resort, Rangali Island and the restaurant dome is built over clear acrylic, giving diners a 270 degree view. It is one of the few chances humans get to experience what life feels like inside the aquarium – an unnerving experience when the sharks and rays decide to swim up close to eyeball your grilled lobster.

The construction – based on similar technnology to the shrak tunnels built through aquariums – was designed in New Zealand, constructed in Singapore and then shipped over 2, 000 miles  (3,22okm) to its underworld home. It only has room for 14 diners -but there’s plenty of atmosphere provided by the turquise waters around it.


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