Where Can I Dispose Of Scrap Metal In Detroit?

For most Detroit businesses, scrap metal can be a constant burden. These firms suffer from finding space for his or her scrap metal and finding out how and if they can sell it. If they’d like to, the product travels to waste and money is lost. Fortunately, you will find local businesses which can help to solve the Detroit scrap metal trouble with an easy, easy service.



Iron Mike is one particular Detroit scrap metal service that can the problem beyond working with extra products and materials. Iron Mike sees and loads the scrap metal for a lot of Detroit businesses who don’t contain the time or equipment to accomplish this task themselves. Plus, Iron Mike’s scrap metal prices are extremely competitive and give an immediate profit for businesses who need to eliminate this extra inventory. It’s feasible for Detroit scrap metal to obtain grabbed since a scheduled appointment or regular pick-ups could be scheduled with the client’s convenience.

Additionally, there are a variety of other services provided by Iron Mike in addition to Detroit scrap metal pick-up. As an example, many materials, including brass, steel, copper wire and metal can all be accepted for recycling. Top scrap metal costs are also taken care of recyclable materials genuinely. Detroit scrap metal auctions are also held regularly. Plus, Iron Mike’s advanced technology will allow for on-site alloy analysis to be completed. If you want demolition or rigging services, Iron Mike can keep your needs are looked after.

For top scrap metal prices inside the Detroit area, call Iron Mike today. The corporation provides the very in depth services of any nearby Detroit scrap metal company, ensuring that every customer has their needs met. With scrap metal prices depending on world markets, not inventory, customers are certain to get the most value for product.

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  1. I wouldn’t go through Iron Mike unless you want to get ripped off. The best scrap guys for the most money have actual yards…not just ad dollars and pick ups available.

    Go to a yard. Bringing it in yields way more money than a pick up. Guaranteed.

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