Where can I Drive The World’s Longest Highway?

The Pan-American Highway


For sheer distance you can’t beat the Pan-American Highway linking PrudhoeBay, Alaska with Ushuaia in the far south of Argentina on an epic 29,800-mile (48,000-km) route.

Purists may argue that the Pan-American doesn’t qualify as a single highway, since on the North American side it’s a network of roads that use different names -but this is still apretty impressive route.

The Pan-American road signs start on the Mexican border and the road snakes down through Panama before coming to an abrupt holt at the Darien Gap. This 54 mole (87 km) stretch of rainforest on the Panama/Columbia frontier is notorious for smugglers, making it impassible for all but the most foolhardy adventurers.

You can pick the Highway up again on the Columbian side then it hugs the Pacific Coast, working down through Ecuador, Peru, and Chile before crossing over to Buenos Aires for the final stretch through Patagonia and Tierra del fuego.


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  1. The “Panamerican” just like the “Trans-Canada Highway” or the “Trans Siberian” are not “one” highway with a single number, they are a series of other highways “joined” up one after the other.
    Try Argentina’s RUTA NACIONAL 40 is 5,140 km (3,194 mi) long and runs from the Southern tip of the country in Patagonia to its northern border with Bolivia parallel to the Andes, it crosses a mountain pass at 4,952 m altitude (16,236 ft). Impressive highway.

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