Where Can I find A Hotel In Washington With An Art Theme?

One of the most inspiring hotels for art lovers is the Murano Hotel in Washington


Not only does a breathtaking ‘World-Class Art Collection’ greet you at the lobby of the Murano Hotel –  but every floor boasts a different and exquisite artist’s collection. For example – on one floor –  you can’t resist being drawn to the 3 stunningly coloured glass Viking ships, the work of renowned  Danish artist Vibeke Skov.

The hotel has won awards for its commitment to the art world including a ‘Best Art’ award – presented by the judges of ‘Hospitality Design Magazine’. If you have never considered yourself to be an art lover  – it is no doubt that you will be inspired by what you see and thoroughly love your surroundings.


All the hotels from the Tacoma Hotel group are exquisitely designed and incredibly innovative and located right in the heart of famous Tacoma Attractions.

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