Where Can I Find A Rich Single Man Woman in The USA?

According to a 2011 poll – ‘Manhattan Beach’ California is the most affluent place in the USA for single and rich individuals.
At least 30 percent of the city’s 34 thousand residents are single and the average family income is around  – $154.000.
It is not hard to brush shoulders with Mrs/Mrs ‘rich and single’ as you are bound to bump into one as you try out a bit of surfing and hit one of them (instead of the the waves) or join in an open game of beach volleyball. There are also plenty of restaurants and cafe’s with communial tables – so who knows who you will end up sitting opposite to.?
No 2 on the rich and single list is ‘Tyson’s corner’ Virginia. With a smaller population of 19 thousand and with a whopping 32 percent of them being rich and single  – you won’t have to scour the lonely-heart pages to find one.
 Here are the rest of the top ten single and rich US cities:


  • No 3 – Beverley Hills, Calinfornia. Population 30 thousand, rich and single, 30 percent.
  • No 4 – Hermosa Beach, California. Population 19 thousand, rich and single, 47 percent.
  • No 5 – Madison, New Jersey. Population 16 thousand, rich and single, 31 percent.
  • No 6 – Milton, Massachusetts. Population 25 thousand, rich and single, 30 percent.
  • No 7 – Arlington, Virginia. Population 224 thousand, rich and single, 42 percent
  • No 8 – Coronada, California. Population 24 thousand, rich and single, 33 percent
  • No 9 – Montclair, New Jersey. Population 36 thousand, rich and single, 30 percent
  • No 10 – Edgewater, New Jersey. Population 9.5 thousand, rich and single, 34 percent

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