Where Can I Find Made To Order Celebration Cakes in Manchester?

Why buy an ordinary mass produced cake when you could have something really special? a cake that is made especially for you and says something about you?


At ‘Fancy Cakes by Rachel’ we love to create cakes for individual people: beautiful cakes, dramatic cakes, wacky cakes, unusual cakes and fun cakes. Every cake is unique and designed for its recipient.



Whether you choose a traditional cake with hand-made sugar flowers, a contemporary design or a themed cake to reflect an interest or hobby, your cake will be your own creation.

A well-made wedding cake is the centre piece of the wedding reception, choosing the right design is easy with Fancy Cakes by Rachel. Our customers like to visit us in our studio to look through our portfolio of wedding cakes and a series of inspirational books on wedding cake designs to get ideas and together we create a bespoke dream wedding cake that reflects and compliments the themes and colours of the wedding.

Many of our cakes are adorned with sugar flowers which we make by hand so they can be made in the wedding colours and to match the bouquet and flowers.

Chocolate wedding cakes are increasingly popular. All of our chocolate cakes are created using the best quality continental chocolate, they taste wonderful and many couples now choose to serve their wedding cake as a dessert.


We also have a range of wedding cake stands for our customers to display their cakes including a crystal pillar stand with a water fountain for those who would like a little extra drama from their cake. This is guaranteed to get the wedding guests talking.

Birthday cakes can be whatever you would like. They can be traditional, elegant, reflect a hobby or tell a story. We have made many unusual cakes for birthdays: a grandma sitting on her sofa watching television with a bottle of wine, a saloon bar and jail house for a wild west fan, a pug dog cake for a lady who loves her dog, guitars and drum kits for musicians, football shirts for the fans of various football teams, sports cars and vans, Hermes and Radley handbags, IPods, cruise ships, aeroplanes, the Empire State building, Lombard street in San Francisco, gardens and allotments, canoes, birds and animals, Casino cakes, DJ cakes and many more. Many of our cakes have sugar figures on them and we always hear “it looks just like…” when the cake is collected.

The more unusual the better, we have just received a commission for a life-sized peacock wedding cake complete with tail feathers to be delivered to a castle in Wales in spring 2013. We can’t wait to get started on it, it’s a challenge but we are up for it.

Everybody loves a cake especially children and we make all the favourite characters including:

Shrek, Cinderella, Cars, Thomas Tank, SpongeBob, Mr Tumble, Lazy Town, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, Tom and Jerry, the Incredibles, Shaggy and Scooby, Strawberry Shortcake and many more. It is wonderful to see the look on the birthday child’s face when they see their favourite character as their favourite food. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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