Where Can I Find Quality Used Bike Parts?

Do you want to upgrade your bike but can’t afford brand new parts?


Used bike parts auctions are a great way to make improvements to your bike without breaking the bank. There are several places you can turn to for pre-owned bike items, here are 5 great places to start:


The web is the perfect place to purchase almost anything! It’s definitely one of the best way to get used bike parts that are affordable and high-quality. Using sites such as PinkBike.com forums make it possible to connect with other riders and discuss your used bike part needs. It’s so straight forward to post a comment and wait for someone to tell you they have exactly what you are looking for!

Direct Swaps

Often the bike part you long for most is on a fellow cyclist frame! If you’re out riding a lot why don’t you get chatting to other bike enthusiasts and see if there is room for any part swaps. Exchanging used bike parts directly is a really nice way to get the bits you need without having to use any of your hard earned cash. Also, if you do a direct swap you can check each part as carefully as you like to ensure the quality is to your liking.


It’s a popular marketplace to sell and buy many used items and eBay doesn’t disappoint when it comes to used bike parts. There are several bike part shops that you can count on. When buying from eBay, whatever your purchase, remember that you will usually be better off going for the higher rating sellers. Also you may like to check if sellers have a return policy if you can’t take a close look at the bike parts in person.

Classified Ads

Want to find used bike parts locally? If so, try looking in the classified ads of your local newspaper. Also you can try on-line classified ad sites such as Gumtree or PreLoved where used bike parts are often listed too.

Specialist Provider

When you find a specialist used bike part provider you can enjoy more than just the good quality used bike parts. Many specialists providers are riders themselves and are more than happy to provide you with advice as well as part fitting. You can also build a relationship so you are always in the know about the latest used bike parts they have in stock!


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