Where Can I Find Strawberry Fields From The Beatles Song?

One of the Beatles’ most evocative songs is also a real location that you can track down in Liverpool. More atmospheric still is the special area of Central Park, New York that honours both the song and the man behind it.


The nostalgic song is based on John Lennon’s memories of his Liverpool childhood. He sometimes used to play in the grounds of a Salvation Army children’s home called Strawberry Fields in Woolton, Liverpool, just around the corner from the home he shared with his Aunt Mimi.


The distinctive gates (pictured below) leading to the Victorian mansion are on every Beatles fan’s tour of the city’s although the future of the children’s home is in doubt since an announcement by the Salvation Army that it is scheduled to close. It seems certain that whatever the fate of the building itself, the famous gates will be saved.



A permanent memorial to the song can also be found in New York’s Central Park. John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono lived at the Dakota Building, near to this part of the park and after Lennon’s death it was rechristened Strawberry Fields and a new Garden of Peace was created by landscape architect Bruce Kelly. Plants were donated by 150 nations and a mosaic in the pathway bears the single word ‘Imagine’ – after another of Lennon’s most revered songs

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