Where Can I find Used Lego Parts In The UK?


Lots of used Lego stores have been created to provide quality used lego parts and sets for the UK and European market.

The online shops are currently being updated with stock, and will specialise in all types of Lego from Technics, Mindstorms, Star Wars, and Belville to Lego’s current theme – Lego Friends.

These are really cool places to stop by and take a look – you can find many missing pieces, parts or brick that you may be looking for (including some rare ones that may be difficult to find elsewhere) !

In the future ‘Used Lego Parts Stores’ are hoping to provide many special offers, such as combined postage and user discounts, allowing the buyer to shop for parts at a cheaper rate.

Some Used Lego parts Stores are family run businesses, and was born out of the idea of the younger family members – who were forever losing Lego pieces to their cherished sets, and Mum and Dad were having to hunt down the missing parts on the internet to replace them.

Purchasing used Lego parts can prove to be very expensive, especially when other costs are taken into consideration, such as listing and seller fees, and postal costs. But ‘Used Lego Parts’ are hoping to give their customers value for money.

Take a look on the web for uded Lego parts stores but avoid buying single parts as you will accumulate hefty postal costs in the long run.

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