Where Can I See The Word’s Largest Meteorite Crator?

While meteor strikes may be the stuff of Hollywood disaster movies to most of us, they do happen. In fact they have already changed the course of history – if you want to see the evidence then head off to Vredefort Dome.

Formed over 2,000 million years ago,’Vredefort Dome’ in South Africa is the oldest, largest and most deeply eroded meteorite strike site we know about. It is estimated that the celestiall body that caused this giant dent in the earth’s surface was at least 6 miles wide -although some speculate that it could have been 25 times that size. An alternative theory suggests the object that hit the earth was a smaller comet that struck at such speed it created this massive geological disturbance.

Whichever theory is right – scientists are certain that this was a planet-wide event, triggering devastating after effects. The site is easily accessible – being only around 60 miles (100km) south west of Johannesburg – and the evidence is spread over a huge area in a series of outcrops (Kroppies) taken together these form a series of rings radiating out from the impact site, an almost unique feature on our planet.

The Vredeford Dome became A World Heritage site in 2005 and you can hike or mountian bike aroungd the crater or Kayak along the Vaal river.

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