Which Second Life Shop Can I Get Best Clothes and Accessories From?

On Second Life Market Place – There is a new Unisex clothes shop called ‘Kandi Fest Designs’.


The shop sells highly exclusive designed clothing and accessories such as:

  • Tie dye Skull Tank Tops
  • Grunge Splat Torn Skinny Jeans . . . .
  • Funky belts
  • Eye Tatoos



The shops creator  –  Second life online user ‘Curtis Turasis’ is in the process of designing a wide range of clothing and accessories with the Ripped, Tie Dye, Grunge, Bleached, splat, rainbow Colour theme. As well as amazing and unique Eye Tattoos, Lens, Belts, and Jewelry.’ Kandi fest Design’ clothing has been especially styled to suit all genders.


Check out the shop here:





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