Why Visit Vancouver?

Every few years a study is commissioned into what is deemed to be the best city in the world in which to live



A couple of years ago Vancouver in Western Canada took to prestigious accolade, you may not know a lot about Vancouver, you may write it off as a faceless, culture-poor generic North-American city.

. . .  You’d be wrong. Vancouver has plenty to offer to to the curious tourist as well as the prospective British ex-pat and makes a great alternative to Toronto holidays. The city is found on the tip of Western Canada in the district of British Columbia and is the eighth largest city in the country in terms of population.

The survey is carried out using a range of measures such as criminal activity, life expectancy, education standards and health care provision, amongst many others. These are all easily measurable parameters that Vancouver has performed well in consistently over the years, but it also has some great culture and entertainment to offer which are less measurable.

Vancouver has a highly varied population, with demographic largely made up of 30% of Chinese immigrants as well as smaller proportions of south Asians, Filipinos, Japanese and Koreans. This is due to its relative close proximity to Asia which is a short flight across the pacific.

In recent years Vancouver has played host to some global events, most notably the 2010 winter Olympic games which was well received but narrowly averted disaster when a lack of snowfall was initially forecast. Predictably for such a desirable city to live in, the real estate market is considered overpriced and it is ranked as the 2nd most expensive location in Canada.

Vancouver has great transport links and is close to the rocky mountains where you can explore the Rockies by rail. If you are looking at Canada holidays make Vancouver a stop off point in your trip, you won’t regret it!

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